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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 6, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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it is time for the end point and, jay, we'll give it to you today. the winner. >> well, i wanted to bring up something slightly roefrgs, the olympic basketball team, the americans, which i just find completely boring to watch in the sense that -- yes, i know. >> jaw dropping. completely controversial. >> it reminds me of my favorite show "the office." the british ver unanimous ricky gervais and the name of his band foregone conclusion. that connects to what's going on. >> i don't know. all right, margaret, thank you for weighing in this morning and thanks for that thought, jay. cnn newsroom with carol costello begins right now. thanks.
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happening now in the newsroom. picture of the morning, color curiosity red. successfully landing overnight to cheers, hugs and tears. nasa erupting with pride this morning. an amazing feat and an amazing view. deadly strike at nascar. lightning killing one and injuring nine others. severe storms forcing 85,000 fans to run for cover. startling new images from space showing just how much pollution crosses the pacific into america. nearly half of all the smoke and dust and ash and pollen above us coming from more than 7,000 miles away. and bad behavior to bolt. someone threw a beer bottle -- a beer bottle -- at jamaican olympic sprinter usain bolt. who does something like that? newsroom starts right now. and good morning to you. thank you for joining us this
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monday morning. i'm carol costello. we begin with new details on the bloody rampage at a sikh temple and the man who opened fire. as mourners lit candles and honored the six people killed, a troubling image emerges of the shooter. new this morning several law enforcement sources identify him as wade michael page. he was 40 years old and had served in the u.s. army. he may also have been a white supremacist. page was shot to death after wounding a police officer. >> officer down. officer down. i need an ambulance. [ inaudible ]. >> go ahead. >> we have one officer shot. >> cnn's brian todd is outside the police station in oa can k creek, wisconsin, with more. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, carol. yes, we are getting new details on this suspect in this case, wade michael page, as you
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mentioned. law enforcement officials telling us that is the suspect's name, aged 40. that he once served in the army but had left. our sources telling us that he owned the gun that he used in the shooting legally. i did speak to the oak creek police chief. chief edwards told me that the suspect had a criminal record but he said he was not known in the general area. we'll piece together as much about this suspect as we can this hour. chief edwards also told me -- gave me some grisly details of the shooting. he said the suspect shot the officer who was wounded he shot him several times at close range, eight or nine times at close range. he got hit several times in the extremities and this was as the officer s in a crouched position trying to help one of the wounded people from the it temple. the officer came to assist that person. the shooter came to him at close range, shot him eight or nine
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times. chief edwards says the officers responded gave the individual, meaning the suspect, several commands and that he ignored them. at that point another officer shot and killed the suspect. carol, as you mentioned some rich eting and disturbing new details about the suspect that are emerging this morning. again, the sikh community is in absolute shock over what happened trying to process this information. cnm spoke to a young lady who attem attended that temple. >> i thought it was the safest place maybe on earth in oak creek. apparently not. i just want people to know that they shouldn't be mistaken by us. because we have turbans and long beards, too, and that's just our religion. it's very peaceful. >> reporter: and we'll at this point to get more reaction from the sikh community throughout the day as this case unfolds. as carol mentioned, though, a news conference less than two hours from now here at the
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police station behind me where federal and local law enforcement officials will give updated information on the shooting, on the suspect, hopefully on his background. we'll be chasing that all day. we did speak to neighbors in the house that was searched where the suspect might have rented part of a duplex house telling us they had seen him on the street walking a black labrador retriever, that he seemed pleasant, quiet. that's the jep piece of information that we're getting. one of them did notice that he had a tattoo on his right arm symbolizing 9/11. we'll put the details about any motivation that he might have together later on, carol. >> we'll let you get to work, recording live from which is with which is this morning. the massacre has deeply rattled the sikh community here and around the world. in india's capital city new delhi protesters gathered outside the u.s. embassy to condemn the killings and called on the u.s. to better protect sikh worshippers and temples. also today india's prime minister called on u.s. authorities to fully investigate
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the attack and the motive. we will check in with tom fuentes, former director of the fbi will walk us through the investigation and the fbi's role in determining if the attack might be a case of home grown terrorism. seven minutes of terror now turns into a lifetime of new information from the red planet. after a new nasa rover the size of an suv lands on mars, curiosity had to do a number of crazy maneuvers to make it to the surface. >> touchdown confirmed. yes, this is happy news. nasa got confirmation of the successful landing. very, very happy. hours later curiosity started working and sending back new pictures from mars. john zorella has been up all
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night long. just to see their reaction, that's the picture of the day. >> reporter: yeah, i think curiosity is feeling better than i am right now, i can tell you that, carol. one of the things that i was told in an interview i did with the head of the entry and landing team they were going to be landing between a rock and a hard place and, in fact, that's exactly what they did landing inside the crater, the crater wall on one side and mt. sharp on another. an area where nasa believes that water might have flowed and where they may find evidence, perhaps, of past life on mars or perhaps if life still does exist. and it was an incredibly emotional night. at one point the entire landing team after pulling off this remarkable event poured out of mission control, went to the briefing center cheering edl, edl. entry descent and landing.
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and then in that briefing the president's science adviser john holder was there. and holder was talking about just how significant this is for america. >> landing the mars science laboratory rover curiosity on the surface of the red planet was by any measure the most challenging mission ever attempted in the history of robotic planetary exploration. and if anybody has been harboring doubts about the status of u.s. leadership in space, well, there's a one ton automobile sooized piece of ingenuity. mra [ applause ] and it's sitting on the surface of mars right now, and it should certainly put any such doubts to rest. >> reporter: now you know across the united states and really across the world people were watching this event unfold in
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the wee hours of the morning. in sometimes square in new york on that big tv screen people stopped and they watched. it was really reminiscent of the apollo moon landing. the only difference here, no humans onboard but, believe me, carol, this is a tremendous accomplishment for nasa. perhaps the most significant mission that they have undertaken in at least a decade. carol? >> i just can't believe it's already sending pictures back. when will we get to see more pictures and where can we see th them? >> reporter: well, you'll see them on cnn throughout the course of the day. but in about three hours we expect to get at least one image back taken from the mars reconnaissance orbiter that was flying overhead as curiosity was landing and that image, i'm told, is stunning that shows curiosity's parachute as it's coming through the atmosphere descending. and then later this afternoon
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images from the descent camera, again, much like the apollo images when we saw apollo landing and the dust coming up and the vehicle moving closer to the ground. they have thousands of those images. they are just tickled with the sensational images that they are going to start giving us over the course of the next few days. carol? >> just fascinating. thanks, john. more new details emerging this morning on a big defection in syria. the opposition says the prime minister, one of the most powerful men in the government, has deflected. he is now in jordan. state media says he was fired. as always, it's tough to get to the truth because syria bans most international reporting. we are joined fromnow. what are you hearing? mohamed, can you hear us?
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i think we're having some technical difficulties. when we get those ironed out, we'll take you back. let's talk about the olympics. you're sane bolt is still the world's fastest human. he got off to his typical slow start off the block but blew by the competition with that big stride of his and won the 100-meter dash in record olympic time. zain verjee was at the olympic stadium for this historic event. and 80,000 people at the stadium watched this, but i heard they could have sold, what, 2 million tickets for it. is that true? >> reporter: well, the numbers are absolutely crazy but it was sensational. it was electric. it was amazing to be there in the stadium. i mean, usain bolt had the entire crowd on his side when he came out he played around a little bit like this and he did a little bit of a jig and everyone went completely crazy. i mean, he was under a lot of pressure, carol. there were so many doubters who thought because of his hamstring
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injuries, because he was beaten in the heats by johan blake or questions about how committed was he really, his slow starts off the blocks as well. so these were all questions and he just shut everyone up. it was amazing. long look at the time he took. 9.3 breathtaking seconds, says "the guardian." "the daily mirror" here. wonder bolt, i've heard thu thunderbolt and lightning strikes twice. when he took his victory lap, everyone stood up and cheered, usain, usain. and he really claimed his title back. >> there was a wee bit of trouble, though. just before the marquee event, a fan caused some trouble and that fan paid for it. tell us about that, zain. >> reporter: he did. a fan, let's call him a twit, just to be polite, he could have ruined the 100-meter final. basically he had a few extra drinks is what we hear and he took a green plastic bottle and threw it at the starting blocks
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which just fortunately landed behind all the runners. most of them didn't even know anything happened. maybe one said they heard some kind of a distraction but was focused on the race. now as luck would have it, a judo champion was sitting next to the guy and she gave him a whack on the back. she said he threw that bottle, i got so emotional i hit him on the back with the back of my hand. she is from the netherlands. she was annoyed because she says that made me miss the final and i'm really sad about that. then she went on her twitter account and said, i've beaten him, unbelievable. now the officials here later said, look, the incident had no impact on the competition whatsoever. fortunately. it was embarrassing. it was a dumb thing for this guy to do. fortunately nothing happened. >> well, i'm glad that judo star was there taking care of things. good for her. zain verjee.
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zain verjee reporting live from london this morning. a killer strikes at a house of worship. was it a random act or something else? we'll be back.
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16 minutes past the hour, less than two hours from now police in oak creek, wisconsin, will hold a news conference. the gunman has now been identified as a man named wade michael page. he's 40 years old, an army veteran, and possibly a white supremaci supremacist. this morning authorities are scrambling to answer so many more questions. >> we're treating this as a domestic terrorist type of incident. >> here to walk us through the investigation former fbi assistant director tom fuentes, a cnn contributor who joins us from beijing this morning. good morning, tom. >> good morning, carol. >> this crime may be classified as domestic terrorism. the suspect may have been a white supremacist. is that enough? >> yes, it is. the motivation for the crime, if
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it's not just a random person who is mentally disturbed but instead has some type of a political, religious, ethnic, racial reason for wanting to commit the crime as this one appears it could have, then, yes, that takes on the tone of being domestic terrorism. also what the fbi and police will be trying to determine here is whether or not he was a member of a group, whether there were colleagues or friends of his that he may have told about this or conspired with him to commit similar acts, s they'll be very interested in trying to find out if he was completely alone or whether there were others that may intend to do similar acts. >> cnn sources found out the suspect is former military. supposedly had a 9/11 tattoo on his arm. what does that suggest to you about a motive? >> not necessarily a motive but
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more of the capability. someone who has training in operating firearms and possibility explosives, although not used in this case. obviously is in a position to be more lethal than someone that's untrained and just happens to get a firearm and tried to use it on their own. >> brian todd just told us a disturbing -- something he found out from police. he said a police officer was shot while tending to a victim outside of the temple. so that means the shooter allegedly came up and shot this police officer as he was trying to care for a person who had been wounded. what does that say to you? >> it just says that, you know, he was really out of control, tried to kill a number of people in the temple and around the temple and even law enforcement officers themselves. so many times members of these various white supremacist groups view the police and the uz kuz government as among their enemies so law enforcement, u.s. military at this point, the u.s. government itself in their eyes
6:20 am
can be seen as the enemy, can be seen as opposing their views of the white supremacist views that they hold. right there classifies it as domestic terrorism if they have those kinds of beliefs. >> tom, a bit of new information about this suspect. supposedly he was discharged in '98 from the army because of patterns of misconduct. what does that mean? >> that's a good question. he may have been espousing some of these beliefs while in the service and others noted it and decided he didn't belong and shouldn't be part of the u.s. military anymore. >> well, we're expecting a news conference to happen in just about two hours. hopefully we'll know more about the suspect. tom fuentes, hugh for joining us this morning to try to make some accepts sense of this at least. something that can never be made accepts of, right? the obama and romney camps trade jabs over voting restrictions in ohio.
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the question for you this morning, what's behind the political fight over voter rights? there is a new battle in the war over voting rights this morning. in ohio the obama campaign has filed a lawsuit saying early voting should be allowed not just for the military but for everyone. mitt romney was quick to strike. >> and in my view every effort should be taken by the government of the united states of america to ensure every member of the military has the right to vote and their vote is counted. any effort to impede the right of our military members overseas or here domestically in voting would be an extraordinary violation of the trust that we should have for those who served so valiantly. >> except the lawsuit does not take any voting rights away from the military. it just seeks to extend that same right to everyone. >> and of course they should have that right. what that suit is about is
6:25 am
whether the rest of ohio should have the same right, and i think it's shameful that governor romney would hide behind our service men and women to try and win a lawsuit to deprive other ohioans of the right to vote. >> this isn't the first time voting rights have become a political football in campaign 2012. the justice department and several democratic groups are challenging new voter i.d. laws in several swing states including pennsylvania and florida. the republican backed laws require voters to show photo i.d.s before casting their ballots. supporters say they're needed to fight voter fraud. the brennan center, an organization that studies voter fraud, says none of the laws are necessary because we don't really have a major voter fraud problem in this country. so the talk back question today, what's behind the political fight over voter rights? your comments later this hour. barack obama is supposed to be his opponent but mitt romney is in a scuffle with another
6:26 am
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is the answer to sleeping hot, know that tempur-pedic beds have been proven in independent tests to sleep cooler than the leading gel beds. just ask me. [ male announcer ] tempur-pedic. the most highly recommended bed in america. just about 30 minutes past the hour, good morning to you. i'm carol costello, stories we're watching now in the newsroom. a pentagon source says the shooter at the sikh temple in wisconsin was discharged from the army for, quote, a pattern of misconduct in 1998. the authorities have identified the shooter as former soldier wide michael page. authorities say the 40-year-old killed six people at the temple before an officer shot him to death. the number of west nile virus cases is soaring in the united states. health officials say it's the biggest increase in 2004. at least 241 cases including
6:30 am
four deaths have been reported. most of them have been in texas, mississippi and oklahoma. the virus can be especially harmful to people with compromised immune systems including small children and the elderly. colorado making great strides in the nation's quest to use more renewable energy. the state's largest electric company set a new record with 57% of the elected trricity com from wind power. alison kosik, this is unusual. >> reporter: it is. it takes a long time for wind electricity to catch on. we did an interesting story on this, on how the utility company set the record on april 15th. but the thing is, this was a wind/electricity record set in the overnate hours and that's when demand for power is lower than during other times. so what happened once other people woke up, started turning on their lights and hair dryers
6:31 am
and the dishwashers, they had to take back over. excel wants to get closer to using more wind power but it's more financicphine finicky. a step in the right direction that colorado was able to pull this off. it's not even the windiest state. the states that take that title include kansas, montana, the dakotas and others and to help wind become a more viable source the federal government has been handing out a tax credit that amounts to 30% of the cost. the credit expires at the end of the year. the utilities who use wind are seeing if it will be renewed because the turbines are extremely expensive. carol? >> a question about the markets. what's the outlook for the week? >> reporter: first of all, we're starting off in the green here. stocks are building on friday from the rally of 220 points on friday. of course stocks soared on news employers added more jobs than
6:32 am
expected in july. as for this week, it looks like a choppy week where stocks will be bumping back and forth. people are not trading because they're on vacation. not much to trade on. not much data out this week. we'll keep our eye on europe that could the wild card in the trade. >> alison kosik reporting. michael jackson's siblings have release add statement about all of the recent family drama. they say money is not what they want and michael's estate executors are trying to divide their family.
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a dirty liar, even in these viciously partisan times that's something you don't hear very often but that's how one republican is describing harry reid. you know the story by now. reid claims he talked to an anonymous investor who told him
6:36 am
mitt romney did not pay taxes for a ten-year period. republicans are not happy. >> as far as harry reid is concerned, listen, i know you might want to go down that road. i'm not going to respond to a di dirty liar. >> i think he's lying about his statement of knowing something about romney. >> that's pretty stiff. >> i think he's created an issue here. i think he's making things up. >> you just called him a dirty liar. you think harry reid is a dirty liar? >> i just said it. >> "the wall street journal" also weighed in in an editorial. and i'm quoting from the editorial. like the obama campaign, mr. reid wants to change the conversation from the lousy economy and unpopular democratic policies while destroying mr. romney personally. end quote. a republican strategist is joining us now from washington and cnn contributor from michigan. welcome to you both. >> thank you very much. good morning, carol.
6:37 am
>> good morning. so the wall street journal seems to be right, this whole anonymous source thing is sucking up the political air. is calling reid a dirty liar going to make it go away? >> well, i think you see the frustration of republicans in harry reid's attack. it's unsubstantiated. it isn't backed up. republicans know every day that the democrats are making these charges against romney is one day less they're talking about the economy. however, they felt the need to push back on this issue because if they don't then seeds start to grow and they believe the issue could be it shall they're worried about people it actually believing that issue. that's why they have to play this political gain. but i think what you can see now republicans will turn the page and change the subject to the white house. there's a white house staffer, a senior staffer, who is in the front page of the "washington post" today saying they have
6:38 am
done business with a firm with ties to iran. i'm sure republicans would love to take that and change the subject. >> i'm sure, too. harry reid doesn't really have a leg to stand on here. he's talking about the anom mouse source, he won't move off his claims. is he a dirty liar? >> i don't know if he's a dirty liar because mitt romney hasn't released his tax forms to prove he's not a dirty liar. this wouldn't be here if mitt romney did what his father did, release 12 years of his tax returns. say what you want about democrats trying to change the subject. members of romney's own base want to see these tax returns as well. so this isn't just about democrats. this is about a lot of people cu curious as to how romney has spent his personal finances and what he's done over the last decade or so. it's very difficult to say you believe in this country if you don't invest your own money in this country and that's what people want to see. >> i think some democrats think that what harry reid did was okay because, you know, when the whole birther thing was going
6:39 am
full force nobody came and called them out. nobody called them dirty liars. >> and they're still out. it's not like they've gonaway. they're still drumming up and they wanted to see president obama's credentials as far as his education. they want to see this. they want to see that. and the simple fact of the matter is this conversation could have been over the moment harry reid opened his mouth if mitt romney had simply presented his tax reforms -- his tax forms. yes, you could say harry reid is a dirty liar. i think it is right to have this curiosity because romney has been could i and dishonest and disingenuous at worst in terms of his own tax record. >> yeah, but isn't it sort of like children. oh, yeah, you're this and you're that. the voters aren't benefiting from this at all, are they, ron? >> yeah, let me jump in. what they're trying to do is they're trying to do what republicans did to john kerry. they're trying to swift boat mitt romney. they're trying to create this into a huge issue and the
6:40 am
distraction and take him down because they don't want to talk about the economy. they don't want to talk about the millions of jobs lost. >> this is tied to the economy. >> and that's what's going on. >> this is tied to the economy. >> you want to go after tt mi. >> this is directly tied to the economy. >> he has released his tax returns just like john mccain did for the past two years. that's a requirement. you guys want to talk about it. you don't want to talk with about lost jobs. you don't want to talk about president obama's failed record and that's what we're seeing in the tightening -- >> wow. >> americans don't care about that. they care about president obama's record and they care about whether or not job creation will happen. it hasn't. there's been high-end unemployment and now mitt romney is probably going to get a chance this november to prove that. >> okay, l.z., last word. >> i would like you to tell the people who just got new work that there was nothing happening. in fact, tell the people the last two-plus years each
6:41 am
consecutive month of job creation, tell those people -- tell those people those things -- tell them they don't have jobs. tell them nothing happened. tell the people who -- because of the auto bailout. >> we're going to end it there. >> those who still have their jobs, tell them nothing happened. >> we're going to have to end it there. thank yofor an intense discussion this morning. see you. >> happy monday. >> happy monday, you're right. more jackson family drama. this time janet and randy jackson are finally confessing what they've been trying to do. so what is it? hey, can you hear me? >> reporter: i'm sorry. hi, carol. i'm sorry. i was having a conversation. >> it's okay. we're sorry to interrupt. >> reporter: i'm sorry. i didn't know you were coming to me right now. good morning. >> good morning. we're talking about the jackson family and the latest drama.
6:42 am
>> reporter: we are. we are. yeah. you know, it is a drama. this whole jackson family drama took another turn late friday night. we're talking about this statement issued by janet jackson blasting the attorneys of michael jackson's estate. they vowed to keep up their fight to have michael's will thrown out. but they denied their efforts were motivated by money. here is what they said, quote, it is important to stress that janet, randy and reebie have questioned the will with no financial motive whatsoever. they stand to gain nothing financially by a finding that the will is invalid. this blames the executors for a negative media campaign designed to damage fundamental family relationships. now the three siblings add that their only motivation in trying to get this will declared invalid is to replace the executors of their brother's multimillion-dollar estate who they accuse of management. now this dispute has led janet,
6:43 am
randy and reebie from being barred from visiting. their brothers have backed down from this public campaign to throw out the will and they have, instead, appealed for family unity. carol? >> let's talk about "american idol" for a bit. nick jonas, is he going to be a judge? >> you know what, that's a good question. according to him he is indeed in the running to become a judge. he tweeted this out to his 4.6 million twitter followers on saturday. here is what he said and brace yourself. this could be big. the rumors are true, he tweeted on saturday, and i think we all heard a collective sigh of relief, i am considered to be a judge on "american idol," and it would be a dream come true if it happens. #nickonidol. fox announced that mariah carey has signed on as a judge after jennifer lopez and steven tyler
6:44 am
both quit. randy jackson's return, nobody knows what's happening. that's still yet to be confirmed. there are lots of people in the running for the jobs and the judge's table will look really different next season, that's for sure. meantime nick jonas seems to be saying let's get that campaign sta started, america. carol, looks like he really, really wants that job. >> i think so. and you can interrupt my conversations any day, carol. >> we still love you. we love you vuery much. >> details on natalie portman's wedding. guess what, half of our polluted air is coming from overseas and scientists say the world's largest continent is to blame. find out why it could also be affecting our weather. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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47 minutes past the hour, checking our top stories now. an autopsy is scheduled on the son of philadelphia eagles head coach andy reid. garrett reid's body was found in his room with the eagles'
6:48 am
training camp. authorities say there was no sign of suspicious activity surrounding garrett reid's death. the 29-year-old was a guest of his father. japan marking 67 years since the atomic bombings of hiroshima and nagasaki. a grandson of president harry truman is attending weeklong events in japan. truman authorized the attacks that came before the world war ii surrender. british airways is considering buying a minority stake in american airlines. willie walsh, told the financial times about the potential move. several suitors have expressed interest in american as it tries to work its way out of bankruptcy protection. this story just in from the olympic games. the ioc has disqualified an american athlete for doping violations. he is judo competitor nicholas del poppollo. he garin a urine sample that
6:49 am
tested positive for a banned substance. we'll have more on this story later. in oklahoma more than a dozen wildfires are burning at least 120 structures have been burned and hundreds of homes still threatened. the drought is fueling the flames. get this, nearly half the dust over the united states and canada comes in from overseas. that finding is based on new satellite images. nasa scientists estimate 64 million tons of foreign dust, pollution, and other particles reaching north american airspace each year. take a look at that. most of the particles are dust. at least 60% comes from asia. cnn's beijing bureau chief is in beijing this morning, the city with one of the highest pollution levels in the world. jamie, does that study surprise you at all? >> not at all. in fact, i still remember the really bad days that we've had
6:50 am
here a few years ago. there was one particular dust storm which blanketed beijing for a whole day, dumped something like 300,000 tons according to one estimate just in one day, and this dust stormd as far as the u.s. west coast which goes to show that indeed air pollution is a global problem which requires a global solution. carol? >> one of our cnn correspondents who is based in beijing, he sent us -- he gave us these pictures so we could show our audience of just what every day life looks like in beijing. he lived on the 30th floor of a very nice high-rise building with his family. and this is pretty much a typical day in beijing. what's it like there to breathe the air? >> reporter: it's not pleasant, carol. just as what john described, many days we can barely see, you
6:51 am
know, far away. sometimes we are surprised, in fact, there ploumountains not t far from us. but most of the time this beautiful skyline of beijing is usually shrouded with a mist. and a lot of these dusts actually emanate from the deserts, the fifth largest desert in the world. and every year around winter time and spring time we experience this dust storm. it's the worst dust storm that i can remember. carol? >> of course, it's not only dust in the air, as you said, it's dust from coal powered plants. there is a big debate in this country that we have too many regulations, you know, the epa might, i don't know, some think the epa should just go away, the environmental protection agency. what are the regulations like in china controlling pollution coming from coal powered plants?
6:52 am
>> reporter: they have been putting regulations like that, they have been trying to control car emissions, for example, even though car sales continue to increase in big cities like beijing. they also have shut down some polluting factories. but all with a modest success. the problem in china is when chinese face the choice between economic growth and environmental protection, usually economic growth wins. carol? >> thank you for putting things in perspective for us. thanks so much. what's behind the political fight over voter rights? that's what we're asking you today. your response is next. picking u. i'll give you money for gas. [ laughing ] not necessary. take the money. i'm not taking your money. besides i get great gas mileage. what's that? it's eassist. helps the engine run really efficiently. it captures energy that assists the engine... so i'm never guzzling gas. oh -- that's hippie talk. it's called technology dad... here take two dollars.
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6:55 am
. one of the billig stories o the day. this is from joseph.
6:56 am
any action by a government which in any way inhibits or discourages the people not to vote is it not only appalling but tie rannical. this is from steve, no id, no vote. that will prevent fraud. this is from dave, the republican controlled state legislature in ohio is trying to affect the outcome of the elections. they are cherry picking which group should have easy and assured access to the polls. so a minor amount of froud is all right? remember florida? every vote counts and must be accurate. absolutely zero evidence of any real voter fraught. in the meantime, real american voters are being disenfranchised by this. if you really want to make voter id laws, then do it in a non-election year so people have time to acquire proper ids. keep the conversation going. more comments in the next hour of newsroom which begins shortly. first, we go live to wisconsin for more on that investigation into the deadly temple shooting and more on the suspect who was dishohnbly discharged from the
6:57 am
army. we'll be back. it's something you're born with. and inspires the things you choose to do. you do what you do... because it matters. at hp we don't just believe in the power of technology. we believe in the power of people when technology workfor you. to dream. to create. to work. if you're going to do something. make it matter.
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7:00 am
. just ahead, 40-year-old army veteran is responsible for that deadly shooting at a temple out side of milwaukee. this morning, we're learning more about him and that deadly attack. mitt romney and the debate over his taxes. it goes on. now republicans are calling senator harry reid a dirty liar. we'll delve into that this morning. >> a rover the size of a mini cooper spends first day on the red planet. nasa's curiosity ssion reaches mars safely. >> and he stole the show. how did a young fan, a little boy get a hug from murray? there he is, moments after the big win. we'll talk to that little guy. newsroom starts right now. .
7:01 am
good morning. thank you so much for joining us. i'm carol costello. we begin with new details on the bloody rampage at a temple and the man who opened fire. as mourns lit candles and honored the si people killed, images of the shooter. new this morning, several law enforcement sources identified the shooter as wade michael page, 40 years old. he served in the u.s. army. last hour we learned from a pentagon source that paige was discharged in 1998 for a pattern of misconduct. he may also have been a white supreme sift. paige was shot to death after wounding a police officer. >> subject down! officer down! i need an ambulance! >> go ahead. >> we have one officer shot. >> there is a news conference scheduled for just about an hour from now. cnn's david mattingly is in oak
7:02 am
creek, wisconsin. any more word on the shooter? >> reporter: carol, this picture of wade michael paige is slowly coming together. still not enough to draw a conclusion about him. but we did hear from that pentagon source who said he was discharged from the army back in 1998 for what he described as patterns of misconduct. no elaboration there. we don't know what that misconduct might be. we've also been able to confirm that the handgun he used in the shooting described as a nine millimeter semiautomatic pistol was purchased legally and recently in the milwaukee area. so that information now is also new. last night i was watching as federal and local law enforcement brought a lot of resources to bear on searching his home. that's about five miles away from the temple here. they approached it very cautiously as if they were ready for combat. approaching it as if somebody might still be inside that house or that might be some sort of booby traps or any sort of
7:03 am
explosive devices rigged to go as they went in. but they were very cautious. they were able to enter that home without incident. federal authorities carried out boxes of materials. we don't know what was in those. in fact, a local police chief here said he has not surprised at what sort of evidence they took into their possession at that location. so the investigation still going on here. we're hoping to learn a little more about what they're findi out about this man as they go along with the press conference that's going to be coming up. in the meantime, this attack has just shaken the members of this temple to their very core. this group has been known for their charity toward the community about their openness and about their kindness and to have someone come in there and bring such violence and death to them right at their home has shaken everyone from the oldest to the youngest in that group.
7:04 am
>> david mattingly reporting live for us. again, that news conference expected to take place in just about an hour. of course, cnn will carry that. the massacre deeply rattled the sikh community here and aren't world. in new dehli, protesters called on the united states to better protect sikh worshippers and temples. also today, they fully investigated the attack. >> now to space for some better news this morning. the rover is spending the first hours on the planet mars. curiosity had to complete a series of crazy maneuvers just to make it on to the surface. [ cheers and applause ] that's the picture of the day. nasa got confirmation of the successful landing and you see that made engineers very happy.
7:05 am
hours later, curiosity started working and sending back new pictures from mars. john zorella joins us from pasadena, california. he joins us with more pictures. >> reporter: one member of the science team said that it was like a gymnast the series of maneuvers that curiosity had to go through, that seven minutes of terror that we've all heard so much about hitting the martian atmosphere at 30,000 miles an hour and then the parachute deploying. a series of events from a sky crane lowered curiosity to the surface and then the three tethers had to be cut. and had any one of the events gone wrong, that would have been the end of the entire mission. right afterwards, nasa held a us
7:06 am
in conference. everyone beaming here. and john holder, the president's white house science adviser talked about just how significant this was. >> landing the mars science laboratory rover curiosity on the surface of the red planet was by any measure the most challenging mission ever attempted in the history of robotic planetary exploration. and if anybody has been harboring doubts about the status of u.s. leadership in space, well, there's a one-ton automobile sized piece of american ingenuity on -- [ applause ] -- and it's sitting on the surface of mars right now and it should certainly put any such doubts to rest. >> reporter: of course, the events of this dramatic landing viewed all across the world and
7:07 am
in times square people gathered and reminiscent of those old apollo days where we saw the apollo landers coming down. people gathered to watch the event and they cheered as it was announced that curiosity had made it down to the surface. and in a coue of hours, we expect at least one new image and that image should show curiosity on its parachute descending through the atmosphere, a picture taken by the mars reconnaissance orbitter flying overhead. carol? >> what are scientists hoping to find on mars? >> reporter: well, what they're hoping to do -- they landed in the gale crater. and in the gale crater they believe that one time water may have flowed there. they're pretty sure, you know, there is all the evidence that water was on mars at one time. but with the hammer drill that
7:08 am
they have and with the chemical laboratory literally onboard curiosity, they will be able to detect not life itself but the signature of life, the building blocks of life, carbon, water, methane gas. if they find those things during the two-plus year mission, they'll be a step closer to answering the question of whether life ever existed on mars and whether it perhaps still does. but they won't be able to answer the question itself unless, perhaps, life sort of says hey, i'm here! they don't expect that. >> that would be awesome. >> they're hoping to find the -- that would be awesome. you know, serendipitous as they say, they love that word in the science community, saerendipitos events have happened a lot. so who knows? >> john zarella, thanks so much. this bit of news just in. we're following the story of a
7:09 am
u.s. athlete kicked out of the olympic games on a doping violation, serious stuff here. judo competitor has now been disqualified. the ioc says he tested positive for a banned substance after his match last week. so let's head to london where the games are being played and what more do you know about this? >> reporter: hi, carol. we're getting more information about this. what happens is that when an event takes place, the ioc will test the first five people in the standings for any kind of a doping offense. and then what they do is pick two random people after that. now nick also delpopolo was one of the random people. he was tested and tested positive for the substance known as -- i hope i get this right -- 11 nor delta nine car barloics acid. so that got him kicked out and disqualified from the standings. he was at number seven.
7:10 am
this is bad news for the u.s. team. it puts a cloud on the team as well as for all the events here and on doping. but the ioc is taking it very seriously and taking action. >> i know you're just getting information in, but do we know what that stuff is? >> reporter: i -- based on all those letters, you know, it's something that basically that is one of -- on one of the lists that you just can't use that type of a drug to pick up. what they do -- what they actually do here, they track the blood patterns of athletes over the years. and so what -- when they see any physiological change, one of the things they've been doing is seeing and testing to see whether there is any difference in the physiological makeup of the cells of athletes. if they see even a slight tiny thing they say, boom, let's test this one for doping. it could have been that. we're just getting information though. so i don't know. >> it is strange.
7:11 am
>> you would think it would happen in track & field, not judo. >> this is an indication of how seriously the ioc is taking it. it's any kind of a sport that they've got their eyes on. so this actually happened in the 73 kilogram judo. he is only 23 years old. so it really is a disappointment for him, his family, the country, all his supporters and for any athlete here who just, you know, this kind of a scandal really clouds what's the olympic spirit is all about. >> yeah. let's talk about something good because it was a huge win for andy murray. i watched the match. it was like incredible. and the british, they're ecstatic. and also one young fan is especially ecstatic. tell us why. >> reporter: okay. well this is totally different story here. with a theme all about the olympic spirit.
7:12 am
there is this 11-year-old boy, carol. he just loves andy murray. and he was watching the match at wimbledon. andy murray won. he was sitting with his dad. his name is henry caplin. he just started crying. he got so emotional. he ran over, you know, past the scoreboard, weaved around the people and passed by roger federer's box and then leaned over the railing to try to get a hug from andy murray. and he kind of opened up his arms and andy murray leaned up, gave him a big hug and said, "anything for my fans." so henry is so excited, totally thrilled that his idol gave him a hug. he said even murray was crying. he was sweating. and the boy's t-shirt is all wet now. he's never going to wash it. so he says. >> i wouldn't either. that's so cute. >> i know. it's guy story. we're trying to have a chat with him. he's actually around the corner. >> i'll let you go then. thank you. dirty harry conjures up a
7:13 am
image of clint eastwood. well, some are calling the dirty senator harry reid. it is not about the same reaction. we'll talk with a member of mitt romney's campaign team about why republicans are calling reid a dirty liar. ] we are in the dades gorge, high up in the atlas mountains of morocco. have you seen this road we're going down? ♪ there is no relief for the brakes. we'll put them to the test today. all right, let's move out! [ ross ] we're pushing the ats brakes to the limit. going as fast as we can down the hill. we are making these sharp turns, slamming on the brembo brakes. [ derek ] it's like instant response, incredibly consistent. this is the challenge, machine vs. mountain. [ male uncer ] the a cadillac ats.
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7:16 am
. it is inescapable, democratic senate majority leader harry reid's accusations about former massachusetts governor mitt romney's taxes are still causing serious political waves. the republican national committee chair called reid a dirty liar, an unusual choice of words even in these unusually partisan political times. >> as far as harry reid is concerned, listen, i know you might want to go down that road. i'm not going to respond to a dirty liar. >> i think he's lying about his statement knowing something about romney. this is what is wrong with -- >> you think the leader of the senate is lying? >> i do. i think he created an issue
7:17 am
here. i think he's make things up. >> you just called him a dirty liar. you stand by that? you think harry reid is a dirty liar? >> i just said it. >> the virginia campaign co-chair for the mitt romney campaign and rendell gatt in the virginia state house is in washington now and joins thus morning. good morning. >> good morning. good to be with us. >> nice to have you here. he called senator reid a dirty liar. in your mind, is that an accurate description? >> well, like the white house and the obama campaign, harry reid truly wants to change the subject from his failed leadership and the president's failed leadership in this economic and jobs crisis where we need to be talking about real jobs that are created and real economic growth but harry reid wants to talk about his imaginary friends and things he's resorted to this pants on fire liar strategy. i think it's actually a sign of their desperation and really how pathetic their record is that they will make up things now
7:18 am
before they'll talk about, you know, 8.3% unemployment, 1.5% anemic growth. you know, the president last year said when it was over 2% growth that he couldn't raise taxes because that would hurt the economy. now the president's talking about raising taxes when there's a 1.5% growth. this is why they don't want to talk about their record and why harry reid set himself on fire in order to change the subject. >> but, barbara, fair or not, politics a charge unanswered is a charge believed. >> it's been answered. >> not by mitt romney. he said he isn't going to give more than two years of his tax returns. even ed roll lins said he shoul give more than two years of tax returns and then the issue would just go away. >> carol, it's been answered. governor romney himself answered this is false. he has already put out hundreds and thousands of pages of tax
7:19 am
returns and gone beyond what is required by the law. but harry reid who hasn't passed a budget in three years literally wants, to you know, get out there and make things up so that he doesn't have to talk about the failed record of this president. mitt romney and those of us out there talk together grassroots are talking about how we're going to create jobs and how we're going to get this economy turned around because mitt romney turned around every enterprise that he's gone in and taken over. and that's when i'm out, you know, going door to door and talking to people in virginia and northern va va they want people that talk about real economic growth and real jobs, not imaginary friends and made up stories. >> barbara, do you think that president obama or someone from his campaign should tell senator reid, hey, either name this anonymous source or don't talk about it? >> well, i think the obama campaign has decided they're going to make up a lot of things. i'm not going to give them advice. what i'm doing and what the romney campaign is doing every day is going out and talking about the great vision of mitt
7:20 am
romney who believes in this country, believes in entrepreneurs. he believes that you have built it and we can get this economy turned around. he's not going to disdain entrepreneurs like, you know, president obama came to the commonwealth of virginia to tell us that we didn't build it. and then he tells us the private sector is fine. >> the weird thing about this political campaign -- i guess all political campaigns is the democrats would say that mitt romney's lying about what president obama said, you know, that -- >> watch the whole tape. we would love for you to watch the whole tape. >> this vicious circle and no real plan is ever laid out. >> no. here's the difference with us and harry reid. we put up the whole tape of what president obama said when he disdained our entrepreneurs and you've seen the reaction all over the commonwealth of virginia and all over the country. they're upset the president is attacking entrepreneurs and he's trying to impose all kinds of new taxes on entrepreneurs and in virginia, he wants to go ahead and gut our military and
7:21 am
provided no leadership on the sequestration that is going to come and gut our military in virginia and could cost up to 200,000 jobs in virginia. the president and his people aren't talking about that. that's why you want to see they're trying to do the silly side stories instead of talk about real issues. virginians care about, that the american people care about. and how we can get this economy moving again. and mitt romney knows how to do. that. >> barbara comstock, thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> i'm hearing we have new information about the alleged shooter in wisconsin. we'll get to that after a break. ( whirring and crackling sounds ) man: assembly lines that fix themselves. the most innovative companies
7:22 am
are doing things they never could before, by building on the cisco intelligent network.
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7:24 am
. we're learning more about the man suspected in those deadly shootings at a sikh temple in wisconsin. what have you learned, ted? >> reporter: carol, we've talked to a couple of neighbors of wade michael page. these are neighbors that live in an apartment in south milwaukee where page lived with his girlfriend.
7:25 am
up until about three or four months ago, they identified him in a photograph that we showed them. this is a photograph of page as a white supremacist punk band. they also said he would carry on his back a guitar case often and said he was not very socialable. in fact, one neighbor we said every time he tried to talk to page, all he would do is sort of grunt at him and walk into his apartment. he says all he would do is lift weights, come back and forth and every time he tried to engage him, he had trouble. he did talk to his girlfriend occasionally. but for the most part, described as a very standoffish person that apparently was in this band, this white supremacist punk band that's -- it's called end apathy. that according to the neighbors that live next to him for several months. >> so, ted, this punk band, end apathy, did it play around
7:26 am
wisconsin? >> reporter: it was based in north carolina and what we've been able to find is an interview that we believe page did for an internet website talking about the band and in that interview he mentions playing in the midwest and in the north carolina area. it's unclear if the band was still active while he was living here in wisconsin. we do know that he apparently is from colorado. served time in the army and then found himself in north carolina for an extended period of time before coming to milwaukee. he did enlist in the army in milwaukee. he has ties to really three different states. and it's unclear whether this band was active. we're trying to find the other band members and trying to determine just that, if they played here in milwaukee area. >> and just a few more questions. besides the band that the suspect was in, did he work? >> reporter: according to a neighbor, he says that he worked
7:27 am
as a delivery truck driver. he would see the delivery truck, a white nondescript truck parked outside occasionally. but again, when we asked, you know, do you know what company it was? what was he hauling? the neighbor said well the guy would never talk to me. he would just literally grunt at me and walk into the apartment next door. so according to this neighbor, he was a delivery person of some sort. we talked to the land lord that the lease was under his girlfriend's name. so we don't have an occupation listed for page. we're still working on that, what he exactly did. according to this neighbor, he was a delivery truck driver. >> interesting. we know from the pentagon that he did something, a series of wrongs while he was in the military in the army. he was discharged in 1998. do we know anything about his service in the military? >> reporter: other than he was demoted and he was discharged
7:28 am
with patterns of misconduct. so this was obviously not an honorable discharge. and we don't know specifically what caused him to be demoted. we don't know specifically patterns of misconduct mean. but we're working on that as well. clearly, he had trouble in the military and he did enlist here in milwaukee. after spending time in north carolina, he did come back here to milwaukee. however, what we've traced in terms of his family, it goes back more to the colorado area than wisconsin. >> great reporting. ted rollins live from wisconsin this morning. much more after a break. i'm feeling a very strong male spirit present. it's the priceline negotiator. >>what? >>sorry. he wants you to know about priceline's new express deals. it's a faster way to get a great hotel deal without bidding. pick one with a pool, a gym, a great guest rating. >>and save big. >>thanks negotiator. wherever you are.
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if your bank makes you miss out, you need an ally. ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense. . good morning. i'm carol costello. checking our top stories now, thinternational olympic committee disqualified american judo fighter nicholas depopolo for a doping violation. the ioc stripped the 23-year-old of a seventh place finish at the london games after he tested positive. > syria's prime minister fled the country. he is the highest profiled official to leave the embattled syrian regime. the man accused of shooting former congresswoman gabrielle giffords will be back in court
7:32 am
tomorrow. he wants to change his plea to guilty. six people were shot last january, 13 wounded including giffords. minutes from now, 30 minutes to be exact, police in oak creek, wisconsin, due to hold a news conference on the shooting rampage at a sikh temple. several law enforcement sources tell us the gunman has now been identified as wade michael page, 40 years old. he's an army veteran. he was booted from the military for a pattern of misconduct. ted rollins our reporter also found out he belonged to a punk rock band in what is termed as a punk white supremacist band and his neighbors said he was not very friendly. let's head back to wisconsin and check in with brian todd. he found out more about what kind of job this suspect had. tell us more, brian. >> reporter: that's right, carol. in addition to what ted has been reporting about various jobs this alleged gunman had, we found out from a former landlord, a gentleman by kirk wines that the suspect worked making welding supplies and
7:33 am
worked on a night shift. this landlord said he saw no signs of violence. he never suppose a bad word about anybody. he had no idea that anything like this was coming. but some additional information that at least for a time piecing together the mosaic of where this man worked, the landlord telling us it was his understanding that he worked making welding supplies and that he worked on a night shift. some neighbors have told us they had seen the suspect walking his black dog in the neighborhood. he seemed like a pleasant person, very quiet. kept to himself. various accounts say he had a girlfriend. some accounts say he broke up with that gave and moved from one side of the street to the other. that is the neighborhood where that house is being searched. we also know from the police chief here at oak creek, john edwards who told me the suspect had a criminal record. he didn't want to go into a lot of detail about that. he did say that even though he had a criminal record, he had not had any contact with law enforcement officials in this general area, carol.
7:34 am
so piecing together some details about his life in addition to his army service as we've been reporting. he was an army specialist. he had gotten the rank of sergeant at one point but disciplined and reduced in rank. this according to a pentagon spokesman george wright. george wright also said that he was discharged from the army in 1998 for a pattern of misconduct. he started out as a hawk missile repair specialist and then kind of migrated into the field of psychological operations in the army. this all coming from the pentagon. carol, piecing together bits and pieces of information about the suspects's past. >> right. i know you talked to police quite a bit, brian. they described to you the viciousness of his crime. >> reporter: they did. the police chief went into some detail with me about just what happened. he said the gunman started inside and then came outside where officers, the first officer, when he con fronted the first officer. he shot him at very close range in words of the police chief,
7:35 am
inches, just feet away from that officer and shot him eight or nine times. that officer has come through at least a couple surgeries and is apparently according to the police chief resting comfortably. i believe he is still listed in critical condition. but eight or nine times being shot. and this was as that officer was tending to one of the wounded civilians. sow may not have had much of a chance to look around and defend himself before the gunman came on him. at that point, the police chief tells us that other officers came to the scene, started shouting commands at the suspect. the suspect apparently just nored those commands. at that point an officer shot and killed him. >> brian todd reporting live from wisconsin. and stick with us. we'll have live coverage of that police news conference out of oak creek, wisconsin, that is scheduled for the top of the hour. just in about 25 minutes. we'll carry it for you live. at tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis,
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. cnn is working to confirm a report by "people" magazine that natalie portman said i do on saturday night. of course, she married her fiance of two years and the father of her baby. michelle turner is in los angeles with more. >> reporter: i like when we're working to confirm some good news for you, carol. that's always a good thing. but, yeah. this is what we can tell you. natalie portman did reportedly marry her french dancer and choreographer over the weekend. they have been engaged for two years. the groom was a choreographer of "black swan," the guy she thanked during her oscar speech. people is reporting that she said i do at a private residence in the big sur area of the california coast. now according to "people," the couple was surrounded by friends and family including miss he vanna trum hop is tweeting pictures this weekend. she said she was also attending a wedding there.
7:40 am
now the oscar winner first met her now husband who is a trained ballet dancer on the set of "black swan." they started dating during filming and announced in december of 2010 that they were engaged and expectsing their first child. now their son is 14 months old. so not only was the film career changing for her, she won her first golden globe and her first academy award for that movie, you could say that it was pretty much life changing. she met her husband. now she has a baby. so "black swan", two tumbs up for natalie portman. >> exactly. that's right. two thumbs up and more. michelle, thanks so much. catch more entertainment news on "showbiz tonight" on hln. this weekend rain showers do more than wash await competition on the track in pocono, pennsylvania. the storms are responsible for sending several people to the hospital. we'll be back. how can we save these young people's lives? as a police chief, i have an opportunity
7:41 am
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7:44 am
. checking our top stories now, the gunman who shot and killed six people at a sikh temple outside of milwaukee according to police was an army veteran who may have been a white supremacist. multiple law enforcement sources telling cnn the shooter was 40-year-old wade michael page. the pentagon tells cnn he was discharged from the military for patterns of misconduct. we are expecting information shortly, in just about 15 minutes from this room. you're looking at that. this is from the oak creek police department. the police chief, john edwards, he'll hold a news conference at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. when that news conference begins, we'll take you to it live. syria's prime minister defected but syria's government said he resigned. either way, it's the highest profile departure from the embattled syrian regime comes on the same day as an explosion in the state-run tv building in damasc damascus. several people hurt.
7:45 am
the television station will continue to broadcast. in money news, knight capital is getting a $400 million life line after suffering a massive loss in a trading glitch. they completed investors orders to buy and sell stocks. much of that is for retail brokerages. in weather news, a nascar fan is dead and nine more are recovering this morning after lightning strikes outside the racetrack in pocono, pennsylvania. fans were warned to take cover. a severe storm moved throughout area. the race was stopped just past half way. in sports, nfl players punished over bountygate could be back on the field sooner than expected. espn is reporting new orleans saints linebacker jonathan vilma and several others could see the suspensions cut in half. vilma would have to drop the lawsuit against the nfl commissioner. both sides will be in court this friday. it was a landing that seems more like science fiction. nasa did it. and the curiosity rover is now on mars. what scientists hope it will
7:46 am
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. the red planet now has another mechanical earthly guest, to the delight of nasa engineers. early this morning the mini cooper sized rover successfully landed on mars. i love these shots. they were so happy. curiosity is already beaming back new pictures from the red planet. the mission is simple. it's a search for life. dr. steve lee is the curator of the planetary science denver museum of nature and science. he's also a research scientists for the space science institute. thank you so much for joining us. it's the first earth like planet in our solar system. one of the things we know about mars we had lots of spacecraft there in the past. and we see evidence that liquid water flowed across the surface
7:50 am
of mars. the question is right now, the atmosphere very thin, very cold. can you not have liquid water. first thing is why did the water go away? how long ago was water there? but most importantly on the earth, everywhere we find liquid water, we find life, bacterial life, microbes. so we're looking for evidence of that on mars. >> so these pictures that you're looking at, they were sent back already by the curiosity this morning. >> right. >> do they tell you anything at all? >> well, first of all, they tell us that curiosity is safe. wee see the wheels sitting on the surface. s in a nice flat area. so there is dangerous nearby. the second thing is they can actually see the rim of the crater that they landed in. and i expect today we're going to turn around and look in the other direction. we're at the foot of an 18,000 foot high mountain that they're going to spend the next two years driving partially up the side of that. so we'll know what the area
7:51 am
looks like. we know that the spacecraft is safe. that's the important thing right now. >> so besides the presence of water, what would be another incredible find on mars? >> well, curiosity is really looking for is evidence that the environment, the climate was such that life could have been supported. and so if they find the chemical signatures of what we call a habitual environment, that will be an advance. liquid water was likely in this area. were all the other chemicals, the nutrients that would be required for live to exist, if we can find those, there's a possibility that we would find evidence that there were bacteria there in the past. this rover is not equipped to actually find life itself. but to look for the signs that the climate could have supported it. >> yeah. i don't know. when you say life and, you know, the absence of life and maybe there was life at one time, in my mind i'm seeing bones and
7:52 am
skeletons lying there and maybe the rover would pick up pictures of that kind of stuff. >> well, what we're really expecting if life existed there, we're talking about bacteria. we're not talking about little green men with guns. so there are on the earth when we get big colonies of bacteria, sometimes they can alter the rocks, alter the environment. and in fact, it's fossilized in the rocks. there could be evidence of that. that would be a real exciting find. we're not expecting it. we're just expecting to look for th chemistry. >> can you imagine if there were fossils? oh, my goodness! >> that would be remarkable. >> that would be incredible! the nasa engineers, i just love it when they're all jumping for joy upon the safe landing of the rover curiosity. it was extreme joy. tell us what these sign tecient were feeling. >> first of all, many of these folks spent the last six years
7:53 am
or smore, so six years of their lives devoted to this. when they know that all of hther hard labors is successful, it's like having your first child. you know they have all their arms and legs and toes and fingers. so that's the first thing. the second thing is they're just excited that we're going to be able to do amazing science with this rover over the next many years. and, you know, it's what we all live for. >> wouldn't they rather land -- wouldn't they rather land some sort of spacecraft, a manned spacecraft on mars? i know that's not really possible. but that would be the ultimate, right? >> well that, is. and that is something we've been working toward. before you can do that, especially to safely land humans and in an alien environment, you need to know everything there is to know about that. we need to know about the chemicals or any of those going to be harmful and curiosity has a radiation detector. so we can tell the background
7:54 am
radiation, the amount of radiation coming in from the sun is going to be dangerous and how to protect for that. so this is an essential thing to do before we can launch astronauts. it's also a lot cheaper. >> true. dr. lee, you were a lot of fun. thanks so much for being with us this morning. >> thank you. it's a pleasure. >> curiosity may be searching for lines of life on mars. the mars rover gets credit for creating jobs on earth. according to nasa, the project supported 7,000 jobs in the last eight years. al alison has more. >> curiosity is doing so much. nasa is cutting jobs but this curiosity mission is supporting plenty of people. the project has $2.5 billion budget. nasa tells cnn money that curiosity is responsible for 700 jobs, 4 hundr00 at the agency a at outsource. it supported 7,000 jobs.
7:55 am
the biggest beneficiary, united launch alliance. that is a rocket design company. 1500 workers took part in creating the actual launch vehicle. another competent called aerojet made the actual engine that l lowered rover in the final seconds before landing. general dynamics made the deep space tranresponder and pioneer aerospace made that parachute that helped curiosity descend. there are a bunch of other companies that also helped create the key pieces. so it looks like it kind of takes a village to, you know, have space travel these days. >> anything that creates jobs, we're all for in this country, right? >> absolutely. especially when they're interesting ones like these. >> that is so incredible to me. thank you so much, allison. reporting live from the new york stock exchange. another big test for gabby douglas today. we're going to take you live to london for that.
7:56 am
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. for the most part, feeling tired, getting headaches, a random pain is normal. but what if the aches persist? in today's "daily dose," lisa masterson from "the doctor" says for women that may be a sign of something serious. >> so your symptoms that women absolutely shouldn't ignore pertain to persistence, unexplained, and new on set. fatigue is something we feel all the time. but if it keeps going, you can't explain it because you have plenty of rest and that's something you need to talk to your doctor about. it can be sign of a heart attack or stroke. it is different in women. headaches, these are something also that are very common. but if it's comes out of the blue and severe,he